About Me


Esther Pai is a painter and digital illustrator based in California. She has loved drawing throughout her entire life. Inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Edward Hopper, Henry Matisse, and the artists that spearheaded the Bay Area Figurative Movement, she began painting prolifically in her art studio in 2015. “I like to create art that captures the wonder, depth, and beauty of our world. Paintings can inspire you to feel something – whether it’s happiness or nostalgia or heaviness. I gravitate towards paintings that empower us to see a different perspective. Another world. Paintings have the the capacity to connect us and remind us that we’re not alone.”

Esther studied fine art in San Diego with various distinguished painters and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, where she developed a strong appreciation for challenging the status quo. She is a painter of cityscapes, interiors, fashion, and still life, inspired from her travels, dreams, and imagination. Her artwork is primarily in acrylic, oil, or digitally illustrated.

Esther Pai’s work can be viewed at art exhibitions, festivals, galleries, & competitions, as well as on her art websites at https://www.estherpaistudio.com and https://www.instagram.com/pai.esther/.